Sit in a circle with as many other people as you want, have everyone write the number of participants on their right hand, declare your names, and state a wrongdoing you have committed to tempt vengeful lost souls.

It's just some contrived party game. That isn't why she's here.

Worth Waiting is a story about being forced to interact with people who are not your friends and never will be as long as you have a say in the matter. Well, that and wanting to kiss a weird girl.

Mind you, sometimes the physical plane shudders under that girl's presence and the stars blare warning klaxons when she draws near, but that's okay and everything is going to be fine, probably.

Development log


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I??? Love both of these babies???

Glad to hear it!!!

Just fyi I am super into this as well as 'A Colour Like No Other'.

Good to hear! Thanks again for the nice comments.

Delightful stuff, really~!